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Designing a sustainable and equitable future


Entrepreneurship can be a fairy tale for some, but for most it’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Too often, founders focus solely on product or service design, and find themselves overwhelmed by the process of taking their ideas to the marketplace, reaching wider audiences, or attracting investor attention.

As a business owner, you are probably dealing with these—and other—challenges. From understanding your potential customers, to communicating your brand values, to pivoting, running a startup can be daunting. 


But, you’re not alone on this journey. NSS is here to help!

Level Up Your Startup


Investor Readiness

Over the course of the program, you will learn to formulate a growth strategy plan as well as understand and manage your business's finance, which is one of the key checkpoints for investor readiness.


You will become proficient in building a successful pitch deck, refining your narrative to clearly present the important information in an engaging way.


International Perspectives

By getting access to our large pool of  international mentors who are experts in various industries, you will learn to overcome challenges and recognize opportunities to grow internationally.

Lead Mentors will work closely with you from beginning to end. You will also have 1-on-1 meetings with up to 4 different mentors from diverse background throughout the program.


Business & Operating Plans

You will be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to start running your business efficiently. Once the program is complete, you will be ready to raise outside capital if that is your goal.

We’ve helped over 30 startups raise funds, and many more bootstrap their way to success. Ninety-seven percent of our startups would recommend the program to others.



2+ Founders

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself" - Henry Ford. We strongly believe in teamwork, especially when starting a new business, and expect to see that spirit from our startup candidates


Being entrepreneur can be lonely sometimes; therefore, having at least one cofounder means more than just sharing responsibilities, it's also emotional support in the toughest times. 

Minimum Viable Product

Your product should already have core functionality. We support startups from the early stage to help them put their ideas in motion. We run this program multiple times per year, and we'd love to have you join us when you're ready.

Our program is specifically designed in an intense, yet easily consumable sprint to accelerate those who are ready to launch their minimum viable product. We'll get you ready to grow.

€5,000 Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is €5,000, though in most cases can be reimbursed through government programs, such as the innovation voucher from Business Finland. We can provide assistance in filling out and submitting the paperwork.

We are confident that the benefits you receive are a good investment both now and in the long run. Our mentors, support, and collaborative environment have produced many successful alumni.