Speaker Lineup Revealed for the Nordic Startup School: Founder Mental Well-being Online Meetup!

Let’s welcome our first speaker Ieva Vaitkeviciute, Founder & CEO of Mindletic — Mental gym at your workplace.

With a rich background in product management, HR, training & facilitation, and especially psychology, she has always been passionate about finding a way to help people increase subjective well-being instead of general happiness.

While working closely with physical health professionals to help them connect with their customers, she had noticed a lack of a so-called gym for our mental health. She believes our mind needs as much training as our body. Having experienced anxiety and panic attacks herself during the pandemic also affirmed her confidence in the need to further develop this mental gym concept.

Mindletic (formerly known as Act On Crisis) was originally formed and incubated during Hack the Crisis hackathon in Lithuania, then later The Global Hack, where Ieva and her team came second out of 15,000 participants from +100 countries. Mindletic provides multi-functional well-being programs that are designed to help employees nurture their emotional balance.

These training programs are not only personalized to one’s needs and mental fitness but also capable of analyzing and predicting costly employee imbalance based on collected data. Over time, by avoiding costly burnout or stress. employees will become more self-aware, mentally fit, emotionally resilient, and productive.

Needless to say, there are no better-fitting speakers for our event than Ieva Vaitkeviciute.

We are excited to have Marcel Gasser aka business buddha as one of our speakers at the Founder Mental Wellbeing Online Meetup.

Holding a Business IT degree, an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland, and an Executive MBA, Marcel Gasser has been directly involved in the creation of more than ten companies, in several roles including founder, investor, advisor, and board member. He used to be an entrepreneur, and is now an entrepreneur mentor, helping them work on their personal growth journey. He is also a Mentor at .Cocoon Program, our co-organizer for this meetup.

He is well-versed in self-development, inner connection, consciousness, coliving, and collaboration. Working in the business world can be burdensome and energy-draining; therefore, learning to connect with your inner self is of utmost importance to deal with all those external nuisances. Throughout his years of experience with entrepreneurship and mentorship, Marcel has been traversing all of the ups and downs of this ride to find purpose, clarity, and joy in every business he takes part in.

After surviving cancer a few years ago, he was more committed to unlocking his healing & spiritual path, finding his true nature, and transforming “from human being to being human”. It then quickly became fundamental to him that he can inspire others, especially those who wish to start taking on the entrepreneurial journey, to deal with the stress and mental struggles that come with it.

“Once you understand that there is nothing without meaning or gain in your life — even if it is “painful” then you discover the beautiful depth of life and yourself.”

Our last but not least speaker for the Founder Mental Well-being event is no other than Tomi Terentjeff, the founder of the Nordic Startup School.

Tomi is an experienced entrepreneur, who is also passionate about elevating other entrepreneurs. He is dedicated to creating a community of mentors, investors, and founders, where everyone can help each other grow, personally and professionally. He believes “a rising tide raises all ships”.

Having founded several businesses and gone through the emotional rollercoaster of the startup world, Tomi more than anyone understands all the pain and sacrifices along the journey. That’s why it’s important for him to make sure founders think about creating a positive change in the world, instead of just unicorns. And also he wants startups to have a community by their side as a mental compass to guide and support them through the hard times, especially at the early stages.

Join our Founder Mental Well-being online meetup to know more about Ieva’s stories and how she has turned her passion and emotional imbalance during difficult times into a meaningful business that helps many others; to learn how Marcel has found peace with his inner being; and to hear Tomi’s both failure and success stories, and more importantly, how he stood his ground and kept moving forward.

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