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Be a part of our community, expand your network, and help build the next generation of startups

Many incubators, accelerators, and similar organizations use the high number of mentors they have as a badge of quality.

However, most mentors are inactive because no one takes care of them. As a result, the impact they make on start-up teams is limited.

We want to do exactly the opposite. 

That is why we have designed THE NSS MENTOR EXPERIENCE, which is a unique and structured framework that provides mentors with the following benefits: 


Grow, acquire new expertise and skills, become better mentors, professionals, and human beings.


Get exposure, develop your personal brand.


Be helpful, make a real difference, influence, provide opportunities to share their experience, and teach others what they’ve learned.


Develop new relations, meet new companies and people, expand your network in Finland and abroad.


Find investments and potential collaborations, become a Lead Mentor and earn extra income.


Have fun, make new friends. 

What Mentors Said


"I feel part of a track, of a series of events I go to, instead of once in a while can you help this company with this question." - Ukko Järvinen, NSS Mentor

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"It’s been great to share my own experiences, pains and gains with other founders, be able to support them on their journey and also discovered new learning for myself from discussing their experiences."- Joanna Rindell, NSS Mentor

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"The program is very interactive and engaging for the mentors. It feels like NSS really uses the mentors, they want you to get something out of it." - Kelvin Chikezie, Lead Mentor


Some of Our Mentors

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Tuğberk Duman

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Hanna Nyholm

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Mirva Nevalainen 

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Kelvin Chikezie

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