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Nordic Startup School is an accelerator programme for early-stage startups. We help founders get access to early funding, understand their customers, and build the foundations for a great brand.


What’s included in the program?

Public funding assistance

A pain in the a** by all accounts. It takes plenty of time and worries to do this, when you should focus on building your company and generating revenue. Let us help you.

Investment up to  100K Euros 

Based on your performance we will make an initial investment of  30K, followed up by an investment of 70K. 

Meet over 50  international mentors

 A Lead Mentor will work closely with you throughout the program. You will also have 1-on-1 meetings with 4 different mentors from various background each bootcamp.

A 3 month program tailored for you

Designed for founders, where they all work together to achieve maximum results, always guided by our mentors. 

Our Mentors


Ilkka Kaikuvuo

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Laurent Notin_edited.jpg

​Laurent Notin

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Mirva Nevalainen 

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Dan Palmer

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"NSS is great for beginners or even seasoned entrepreneurs! They really work with your needs. Great mentors, useful workshops, and a well thought out the scope from branding to sales. They really helped us put solid ground under our venture." - Eliza Jappinen, CEO


"The journey with Nordic Startup School is extremely valuable for an early-stage startup like ours! All the tasks, pre-works, Bootcamps and mentors helped us to develop our business faster to the direction where we want to head." - Kimmo Kuokkanen, CEO


"During the NSS program, we defined our target audience, assessed measurable data, shifted our strategy and expanded our network with valuable contacts. We were also kept motivated by weekly meeting and sharing learning in Bootcamp." - Katariina Penttilä, CEO